ADI Doctors

Your Experience 

Your waiting room: A one-stop, mobile, medical centre.

This IHP is hands-on teamwork. It is an holistic approach to providing rural and remote medicine – you can refer to allied health professionals and lab technicians on the spot. Your own consultations will be varied and medically interesting as the team screens for the doctors who then only treat the serious and difficult diagnoses.

Your workload

  • Treat patients
  • Train rural health workers
  • Health education for hospitals
  • Data collection and reporting.

Your Responsibility

The words you put on paper have influence. In this, and in all your work, there is power to actually do something that improves the quality of health care in these remote health areas.  You don’t have to be an expert in all aspects of tropical medicine. Australian doctors are well trained and you can test the limits of that training with the support of the local PNG staff.  

Your support

The local IHP team supports you through their friendliness, skills and experience, such as delivering babies, ability to interpret, tips for working across culture, provision of comfort and safety.  ADI provides a stipend and comfortable living. It provides responsive support for changing needs. Together we achieve great outcomes for our neighbours, PNG.

Meet Dr Tim Baird and some of our other ADI volunteer doctors and health managers.