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To improve the health of people in Papua New Guinea, ADI needs your support. We will use your donation for practical activities that have been proven to cure, prevent or control diseases. ADI is a registered charity and all contributions of AUD $2.00 and more are tax deductible.

Donations can be made online with your credit card. Simply fill out the form, select the amount you’d like to donate, and submit to make your donation. We will send you a receipt in the mail.



could buy three stethoscopes for mother and baby checks



could equip one health centre with a thermometer, suture kit and scales



could buy a resuscitation set for premature newborns



could buy a safe birthing kit, including forceps, umbilical scissors and cord clamps



could pay for a rural health worker to attend annual in-service clinical training on critical topics such as maternal health, tuberculosis and malaria



or choose your own amount to gift to the people of PNG

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