New Ireland Government praise ADI partnership

On 01 May 2020 the New Ireland Government released a press release praising the work of ADI and the benefits to the people of such a long partnership. A portion of which is shared below. ADI have worked hard to develop and maintain strong partnerships in PNG which makes us ideally suited to support the country during the current COVID-19 Crisis.

The New Ireland Government has long championed the efforts of the ADI team and recognizes that ADI continues to provide much needed health services to isolated and hard to reach populations. Governor Sir Julius Chan said “We have nothing but extreme gratitude for the efforts of ADI. They go out to where the people are, to where the real health problems are; they really go out of their way to ensure our people have access to health services and health education. And we recognize that it is not easy work. Travel and accommodation conditions are often very difficult, but ADI does not let that stop them. They are genuinely committed to not only improving the health of New Irelanders, but, as importantly, to educating New Irelanders how to manage their own health. That is why we are proud to partner with ADI and to provide K450,000 per year to support their excellent efforts. That is one of the best investments we have ever made. I only wish our public servants had the same level of commitment to serving our people. This has been a marvelous relationship, and we look forward to continuing it far into the future.”  –  END

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