About Australian Doctors International ADI


A healthier Papua New Guinea 


ADI demonstrates its commitment to upholding the universal right to health care by working with local partners to provide and strengthen health services in rural and remote communities. 


  • Deliver and strengthen primary health services to rural & remote communities. 
  • Reduce preventable diseases through public health programs, health education and health promotion.
  • Increase the capacity of health workers to manage and deliver primary health services through training and education.
  • Improve access to primary health services by rural and remote communities. 
  • Demonstrate improvement in health indicators as a result of our activities through the use of a structured monitoring and evaluation framework;
  • Continue to be a leading non-government organisation professional provider of high quality primary health care in rural & remote communities seeking always to increase public awareness of its work and continual improvement through ongoing rigorous evaluation of programs and activities.

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