ADI sends 127kg PPE supplies to PNG

ADI is operating at the forefront of preparations and response to COVID-19 in rural areas of PNG. Over the last week we have sourced, purchased and shipped 127kg of PPE to our catchment areas in PNG. This equates to 100s of N95 masks; protective gloves; hand sanitiser and other PPE equipment that local health partners from Kiunga, Kavieng and Kimbe have requested. Across each location we have provided much needed basic hygiene options for rural health workers including things as simple yet life-saving as soap and buckets. We translated WHO messaging into Tok Pisin for COVID-19 posters and developed and printed posters on the betel nut chewing ban.

ADI hosted two webinar Q&A sessions this week with staff from Western Province hospitals. Our panel of ADI doctors and Becton Dickinson shared information on the urgent preparation of hospitals, health facilities and their staff for the COVID-19 crisis, and the most effective use of scarce PPE supplies.

ADI continue to urgently respond to ongoing requests for support from our partners on the ground. In light of the news of 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases now in Western Province, our speed and responsiveness is key to assisting our partners in halting the spread of this virus inPNG.

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