ADI supports ACFID recommendations to prevent sexual misconduct

Australian Doctors International (ADI) recently participated in the review by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and the Victorian Institute of Forensic  Medicine that led to the Final Report of the Independent Review on Prevention of Sexual Misconduct.

Klara Henderson CEO shared her support of the report’s findings and said: “ADI has already actively responded to the recommendations of the review and immediately began implementation where recommendations rested with ADI and our programs in Papua New Guinea (PNG). This builds on our continuously improving platform of a comprehensive system for safeguarding.

“To show our commitment to the findings, ADI has appointed a Board level representative for Safeguarding, incorporating child safeguarding and prevention of sexual misconduct. We take the issue of sexual misconduct very seriously and are taking the necessary steps to ensure we can respond if required.

“It’s important for me to stress that ADI wishes to act in a manner in which we ensure all staff and partner staff have a growing confidence in talking about and reporting incidents and feel it is a safe environment to do so.

“ADI’s work is heavily reliant on our partnerships so we take the integrity of our organisation very seriously and expect those we work with to have similar high standards and a zero tolerance of sexual misconduct.

“As a member organisation of ACFID ADI is bound by the Code of Conduct and welcomes the findings as a positive step to build public confidence in the NGO sector and keep people safe from harm.”

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