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ADI urgently needs your help to continue funding health patrols in remote regions of PNG. 

When you give to Australian Doctors International, you open up the future for whole communities in PNG and allow our volunteers doctors to provide not just medical care for remote communities but also to invest in the training and upskilling of local healthcare workers. Your gift – large or small – will have real impact in our nearest neighbour, PNG. 

Please give generously. Donations can be made online with your credit card. Select the amount you’d like to donate, and submit to make your donation. You’ll then receive a receipt.


helps ADI train a local healthcare worker to safely deliver babies


could provide a wheelchair to a child living with a disability.

Dr Rose Haywood and Dr Agnes De Boer ADI Volunteer Doctors on Patrol in Papua New Guinea


sponsor a Community Leader to attend Gender Equity Community Mobilisation Training


sponsor TWO Community Leader to attend Gender Equity Community Mobilisation Training


could buy a safe birthing kit (including forceps, umbilical scissors and cord clamps).


my gift where most needed to the people of PNG

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ADI uses Shout for Good as its fundraising platform. Shout is a subsidiary of the ANZ Banking Group Limited.  The Shout for Good platform provides secure transactions between donors and charities.

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Every gift in Will, no matter how big or small, helps Australian Doctors International (ADI) to work towards a healthier PNG

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