Emergency obstetrics and neonatal care (EMONC) in-service in Kiunga

Health workers use birthing stimulators and baby doll mannequins to practice emergency obstetrics and neonatal care skills and techniques

November 2020

In early August ADI delivered its second emergency obstetrics and neonatal care (EMONC) in-service training in Kiunga to 15 health workers. Due to COVID-19, this training was delivered remotely via webinar after the success of COVID-19 training webinars earlier this year. The number of births participants dealt with at their health facilities also varied, with some reporting seeing 5-10 births a month at their facility and others working at larger health facilities seeing 70-80 births a month.

Training evaluation demonstrated increased learning outcomes across all topics. This follows the same positive learning outcome results as seen for all our Mamma Care and Neonatal Care training across our West New Britain and New Ireland programs.

Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care training in West New Britain and New Ireland FY19/20 – Knowledge and skill increase through training

This year, EMONC modules on breech birth and shoulder dystocia were introduced for the first time. Each participant received a neonatal resuscitation bag and mask and relevant posters, along with updated copies of the PNG NDoH Obstetrics and Gynecology Standard Treatment Manual (STM), to take back to their health facility to share with their colleagues.

With thanks to the Mary Alice Foundation and the Australian Government’s Australian NGO Cooperation Program.





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