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Volunteer doctors for rural health patrols application-form  + position description

Volunteer doctors for Namatanai District Hospital Medical Officer application form   + placement description   Namatani placement overview

Volunteer Health Project Coordinator for New Ireland Province Volunteer Health Project Coordinator Job Description + placement description  New Ireland Integrated Joint Health Patrols

Volunteer doctors for Western Province Medical Officer application form  + placement description  Western Province placement overview

National Police Check download

Incident forms: 

      Workplace good practice.  

     Child Protection Incident Reporting form

      Violence/Gender Discrimination

ADI bequest form download

ADI donation form download

Membership form  download

Medical officer application form  download


ADI factsheet with donation form here

Annual reports including financial reports 
      2011 Annual Report 
      2012 Annual Report 
      2013 Annual Report 
      2014 Annual Report 
      2015 Annual Report 
      2016 Annual Report
      2017 Annual Report

Health Reports and Resources

Learn more health in PNG, maternal health, child and adolescent health, HIV/AIDS and sexual health, malaria, tuberculosis, filariasis, leprosy and cholera from sources such as the PNG Department of Health, World Health Organisation, UNDP, etc.

Cholera in PNG here

Country-wide malaria survey, 2014  here

Country-wide malaria survey control intervention, 2011 here   

Global Plan for roll back of malaria, 2011 here 

Guidelines for treatment of malaria, 2015 here 

Guidelines on optimal feeding of low birth weight infants , 2011 here 

Human resources for maternal health PNG, 2011 here 

Improving health outcomes, oral health PNG, 2013  here  

Progress report of PNG Australia sexual health improvement program, 2011 here 

Ministerial taskforce  on maternal health PNG, 2009 here  

Mission to PNG, 2013 here   

National tuberculosis management protocol PNG, 2011  here 

Our way forward for healthier communities, service delivery and management, 2013  here   

Making pregnancy safer PNG, 2009 here  

PNG Statistics country cooperation strategy here 

PNG Health information profile  here  

PNG General information here  

PNG Health service delivery profile, 2012 here   

PNG HIV and AIDS fact sheet, 2013 here  

PNG Sector performance annual review here 

PNG Child health policy and plan, 2009-2020  here 

PNG HDI values and rank changes, 2013  here 

Preventing early pregnancy and poor reproductive outcomes amongst adolescents, 2011  here 

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