ADI’s West New Britain COVID-19 Response

ADI’s West New Britain COVID-19 Response

13 May 2020

The West New Britain team are allocating time engaging with key stakeholders in the region including the Provincial Health Authority, Provincial Government, Local Health providers and private enterprise so as to determine what medical services and essential supplies are needed. ADI have been delivering much needed supplies of PPE, educational materials in Tok Pisin, online COVID-19 education and training sessions for frontline health workers. With movement within the province restricted, ADI have been pivoting outreach approaches. Actions are in place to take COVID-19 awareness materials and medical supplies to remote communities with direction through our provincial health partners.


ADI Hands over further PPE supplies - 5 May 2020

This week ADI expect to conduct a handover of further PPE supplies to the WNBPHA as a sign of further commitment to our health partners within the province. The handover will include; 100 pairs of Protective goggles, 60 x Boxes of medium and large gloves, 3 x infrared handheld thermometers, 925 N95 Masks, and 48 protective ponchos. An estimated 2000 Healthcare Workers and other WNBPHA staff members working hard on the frontline to combat the spread of COVID19 within PNG will benefit from the delivery of these essential PPE supplies.

ADI run groundbreaking medical training webinar in WNB - 24 April, 2020

On Friday 24 April, ADI in conjunction with the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority ran a teleconference with a team of experts from Australia in Kimbe Provincial Hospital for their frontline curative nursing team. The webinar was moderated by Sr Scholly Baiwan and Dr Theresa Lei and included training from ADI volunteer Dr Rebecca Taylor – live from Australia. The webinar focused on the correct use of PPE and infection control protocols. ADI plan to continue running regular webinars on COVID-19 preparedness as they are needed by our partners. ADI are also sourcing and supplying PPE. Friday saw the delivery of a valuable shipment of PPE masks, medical gloves, protective suits and goggles. ADI have also designed and printed education posters in Tok Pisin to be used in the fight against COVID-19 warning against the habit of Buai chewing/spitting and the roll this behavour can have in spreading the viris. These posters are being widely distributed across WNB.

ADI deliver PPE supplies and webinar training sessions - 17 April, 2020

ADI Sydney staff are currently preparing supplies of PPE to be sent to West New Britain. Due to the remoteness of the province, this is a difficult task and involves cooperation from a number of partner agencies. Structures are also being put in place to enable the delivery of ADI’s COVID-19 Preparation webinar to frontline medical personnel. This webinar was successfully delivered twice last week to doctors and hospital staff in Western Province.

ADI begin COVID-19 Community Awareness Programs - 3 April, 2020

With the help and guidance of the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority (WNBPHA) and other local business houses, ADI has planned and completed a number of COVID-19 based activities that will aid and benefit the effectiveness of healthcare workers and community leaders. These activities include but are not limited to:
– Community awareness conducted on the remote south coast of West New Britain province
– Printing and handover of Tok Pisin translated information posters for healthcare workers and the wider community
– Donation of N95 masks and sterile gloves to urban health centres within the Kimbe Urban District
– Procurement and donation of essential cleaning and infection control supplies to be used at the Kimbe Provincial Hospital

ADI remains steadfast in its commitment to the WNBPHA and wider PNG community and is continuing efforts to procure PPE and other resources considering the direction from local health practitioners and management.

ADI receive thanks from CEO of WNB Provincial Health Authority - April 2020

“On behalf of the Board of Governance, Management, Staff and Team West New Britain.. we thank you ADI. Your Philanthropic donation at this time of need is profoundly appreciated by all of us… and further enhances our relationship in providing Healthcare Services specific to COVID 19 prevention. We pray and hope that PNG will remain protected against COVID19” – Stanislaw S Tao, CEO of West New Britain Provincial Health Authority.

New Ireland Government praise ADI partnership

On 01 May 2020 the New Ireland Government released a press release praising the work of ADI and the benefits to the people of such a long partnership. A portion of which is shared below. ADI have worked hard to develop and maintain strong partnerships in PNG which makes us ideally suited to support the...
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ADI begins COVID-19 training webinars for hospital in WNB

ADI in conjunction with the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority are running regular teleconferences with teams of experts from Australia in Kimbe Provincial Hospital for frontline curative nursing team. The first webinar on Friday 24 April was moderated by Sr Scholly Baiwan and Dr Theresa Lei and included training from ADI volunteer Dr Rebecca Taylor...
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ADI sends 127kg PPE supplies to PNG

ADI is operating at the forefront of preparations and response to COVID-19 in rural areas of PNG. Over the last week we have sourced, purchased and shipped 127kg of PPE to our catchment areas in PNG. This equates to 100s of N95 masks; protective gloves; hand sanitiser and other PPE equipment that local health partners from Kiunga,...
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