ADI’s New Ireland COVID-19 Response

ADI’s New Ireland COVID-19 Response

01 May 2020: Press Release from New Ireland Government

The New Ireland Government has long championed the efforts of the ADI team and recognizes that ADI continues to provide much needed health services to isolated and hard to reach populations. Governor Sir Julius Chan said “We have nothing but extreme gratitude for the efforts of ADI. They go out to where the people are, to where the real health problems are; they really go out of their way to ensure our people have access to health services and health education. And we recognize that it is not easy work. Travel and accommodation conditions are often very difficult, but ADI does not let that stop them. They are genuinely committed to not only improving the health of New Irelanders, but, as importantly, to educating New Irelanders how to manage their own health. That is why we are proud to partner with ADI and to provide K450,000 per year to support their excellent efforts. That is one of the best investments we have ever made. I only wish our public servants had the same level of commitment to serving our people. This has been a marvelous relationship, and we look forward to continuing it far into the future.”    –  END

This year ADI will be celebrating its 10th year in New Ireland which make us ideally placed to support the government on the frontline of COVID-19 Emergency Response.

ADI host COVID-19 hospital training Webinars - 27 April

ADI doctors, in partnership with Becton Dickenson, hosted another successful COVID-19 training webinar in New Ireland Province on Thursday. “The team in PNG began by spacing the chairs out before the participants arrived to support social distancing. Nineteen health workers attended last weeks’ webinar with requests for more training sessions. To meet the demand, ADI are providing the training materials and ongoing support to the Training Coordinator at Kavieng Hospital so she can run multiple training sessions including one specifically targeting hospital cleaners and drivers on Thursday,” ADI Program Manager Kay Nevill says. “During the sessions, our doctors explain about the virus and what frontline workers can do to limit its spread. There is training given on correct handwashing techniques and also the correct use of precious PPE resources. Participants have expressed real gratitude for the ongoing support and resources that ADI have provided during this time of crisis preparation.”

WHO Posters distributed and delivery of PPE - 17 April, 2020

Due to PNG-wide lockdown measures, ADI’s planned 10-day patrol to Namatanai was cancelled. In lieu of this patrol, a small team of ADI staff and NIPHA Nursing Officer Camilla Sabok travelled to the Namatanai region after the lockdown period to deliver key public health awareness on hygiene and hand washing. The team also distributed information posters in Pidgin, soap and buckets to these communities. A similar public health awareness trip is being planned for the Tigak Islands area in late April.
The ADI Sydney team have also been sourcing PPE and medical supplies. The first consignment was shipped to Kavieng last week to help in the response to COVID-19.

ADI join NI COVID-19 Task Force - 3 April, 2020

In New Ireland Province, ADI has responded to request for help from the Provincial COVID-19 Task Force. An ADI patrol vehicles and driver has been allocated to Kavieng Hospital emergency department as part of their rapid response team. Additionally Alison Brown, our ADI doctor who was brought back last week to Australia from PNG, is working alongside the COVID-19 Task Force providing advice on resources, social mobilisation efforts and patient care.

Dr Penny Charles, Director of Curative Services from the New Ireland Provincial Health Authority, says “We thank ADI for their assistance and proactive approach to our needs.”

Sir Julius Chan Thanks ADI - April 2020

Sir Julius Chan, Governor of New Ireland Province says “I want you to know I fully understand the decision to withdraw ADI staff from New Ireland during the COVID-19 outbreak. Now is the time to be with family, and you did the right thing. And I want to thank ADI for your ongoing assistance in dealing with the health crisis, and particularly for the (WHO COVID19 health) posters and materials translated into Tok Pisin. Those materials will help our people to not only understand what is happening but, more importantly, understand how to cope with what is happening.” 

New Ireland Government praise ADI partnership

On 01 May 2020 the New Ireland Government released a press release praising the work of ADI and the benefits to the people of such a long partnership. A portion of which is shared below. ADI have worked hard to develop and maintain strong partnerships in PNG which makes us ideally suited to support the...
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ADI begins COVID-19 training webinars for hospital in WNB

ADI in conjunction with the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority are running regular teleconferences with teams of experts from Australia in Kimbe Provincial Hospital for frontline curative nursing team. The first webinar on Friday 24 April was moderated by Sr Scholly Baiwan and Dr Theresa Lei and included training from ADI volunteer Dr Rebecca Taylor...
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ADI sends 127kg PPE supplies to PNG

ADI is operating at the forefront of preparations and response to COVID-19 in rural areas of PNG. Over the last week we have sourced, purchased and shipped 127kg of PPE to our catchment areas in PNG. This equates to 100s of N95 masks; protective gloves; hand sanitiser and other PPE equipment that local health partners from Kiunga,...
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