Our COVID-19 Response

ADI working on the frontline in PNG during COVID-19 crisis

13 May, 2020
Due to our long partnership with government and health authorities in PNG, ADI have been able to take a key role in the COVID-19 crisis joining COVID taskforces in Western Province, West New Britain and New Ireland. As of 13 May, ADI has shipped 400kg of personal protective equipment (PPE) into PNG including N95 masks, goggles, gloves, face shields, aprons, thermo guns and hand-sanitizers. ADI doctors have partnered with medical technology company BD (Becton Dickinson) to deliver webinars to frontline health workers in PNG hospitals. These webinars cover COVID-19 preparedness, incident management, triaging, logistics, correct use of PPE and support to maternal health during COVID-19. ADI have been invited into 35+ rural communities to deliver education on COVID-19 transmission and how families can protect themselves. We discuss social distancing and hand hygiene as well as gender equality and social inclusion. ADI provide soap and washing buckets for health clinics and COVID-19 prevention posters, based on WHO and PNG National Department of Health guidelines. ADI is mindful of not being vectors of transmission when visiting remote communities so align all activities with national and provincial guidelines.

Health workers in New Ireland with PPE, posters and hand sanitizers donated by ADI
ADI delivering thermo guns to all provinces in PNG










The ADI team in Sydney moved to a working from home model in mid-March, and all Board meetings and committee meetings are now run virtually.  We are still contactable via phone; and we encourage you to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Delivering PPE and Groundbreaking webinars - 5 May 2020

ADI has committed to continuing frontline support for the people of PNG during the COVID-19 health crisis. In just over a month, ADI has shipped 240kg of PPE to local health providers in order to assist frontline health workers with the daily demands of preparing and educating for a potential increase of COVID-19 infections in the provinces. ADI have also been distributing education materials to healthcare workers and the wider community. Additionally, the delivery of interactive webinar education to doctors and hospitals has seen over 100 workers receive informative direction on the best use of PPE in low resource settings and infection control standards.

ADI rushing PPE supplies to the frontline - 27 April, 2020

ADI are working quickly to get PPE and medical supplies to frontline hospitals and health centres in need. Yesterday masks, googles and gloved arrived in Western Provinces for Rumganie and Kiunga hospitals, Catholic Health and the PNG Defence Force.
Our doctors, in partnership with Becton Dickinson (BD), are now also hosting webinar training sessions for hospitals in New Ireland and West New Britain to help doctors prepare their facilities and staff to respond to the epidemic. At the request of local government health authorities, our team in PNG are visiting remote communities to tell them how they can protect their families from COVID-19, teaching how transmission works, demonstrating social distancing and showing the correct way to wash hands. The team distribute simple buckets and soap and help set up community handwashing stations which have the potential to save lives. ADI have also been creating and distributing a range of COVID-19 educational posters using the most up to date information available from the WHO. The posters, in both english and Tok Pisin, are simple and easy to understand and are being gratefully received by health professionals and community leaders alike.

ADI Working on the Frontline - 17 April, 2020

ADI is operating at the forefront of preparations and response to COVID-19 in rural areas of PNG. Over the last week we have sourced, purchased and shipped 127kg of PPE to our catchment areas in PNG. This equates to 100s of N95 masks; protective gloves; hand sanitiser and other PPE equipment that local health partners from Kiunga, Kavieng and Kimbe have requested. Across each location we have provided much needed basic hygiene options for rural health workers including things as simple yet life-saving as soap and buckets. We translated WHO messaging into Tok Pisin for COVID-19 posters and developed and printed posters on the betel nut chewing ban.

ADI hosted two webinar Q&A sessions this week with staff from Western Province hospitals. Our panel of ADI doctors and Becton Dickinson shared information on the urgent preparation of hospitals, health facilities and their staff for the COVID-19 crisis, and the most effective use of scarce PPE supplies.

ADI continue to urgently respond to ongoing requests for support from our partners on the ground. In light of the news of 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases now in Western Province, our speed and responsiveness is key to assisting our partners in halting the spread of this virus inPNG.

CEO Response to COVID-19 Outbreak - 23 March, 2020

After considering advice from DFAT, ACFID and our own medical advisors, Australian Doctors International (ADI) have made the difficult decision to temporarily bring our expatriate medical staff back from PNG. We are working to ensure that our PNG local staff are safe, healthy and able to continue their important health care work despite the challenging conditions. ADI have resourced our staff and ADI local health partners with N95 masks, provided WHO posters and COVID-19 information, translated into Pidgin.

Be assured that one of our key priorities remains ensuring that PNG locals receive the training and support they need in order to provide ongoing health services to their fellow Papua New Guineans. It’s times like this that demonstrate how critical the upskilling of local healthcare workers is and ADI recognises that this needs to continue to be a key component of our work in PNG in the months and years to come.

ADI also wants to send a huge thanks to healthcare workers around the world who are working tirelessly. We acknowledge and applaud your bravery, skills and expertise. Whether you are in Kavieng, Kimbe or Kiunga, the hospitals of London or Milan, or the aid posts in the villages on the remote south coast of New Britain in PNG. We are behind you every day; every patient and every challenge you face.

On behalf of ADI, I wish all of our staff, supporters and partners all the best for these difficult times.
Dr Klara Henderson, Australian Doctors International CEO

New Ireland Government praise ADI partnership

On 01 May 2020 the New Ireland Government released a press release praising the work of ADI and the benefits to the people of such a long partnership. A portion of which is shared below. ADI have worked hard to develop and maintain strong partnerships in PNG which makes us ideally suited to support the...
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ADI begins COVID-19 training webinars for hospital in WNB

ADI in conjunction with the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority are running regular teleconferences with teams of experts from Australia in Kimbe Provincial Hospital for frontline curative nursing team. The first webinar on Friday 24 April was moderated by Sr Scholly Baiwan and Dr Theresa Lei and included training from ADI volunteer Dr Rebecca Taylor...
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ADI sends 127kg PPE supplies to PNG

ADI is operating at the forefront of preparations and response to COVID-19 in rural areas of PNG. Over the last week we have sourced, purchased and shipped 127kg of PPE to our catchment areas in PNG. This equates to 100s of N95 masks; protective gloves; hand sanitiser and other PPE equipment that local health partners from Kiunga,...
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