Patrols to West Konoagil, North Lavongai, Sentral Islands and Murat – July – Sept 2020

With the permission of the New Ireland Provincial Health Authority (NIPHA), the ADI-NIPHA patrol team undertook four patrols this quarter, visiting West Konoagil, North Lavongai, Sentral Islands and Murat, visiting a total of 17 health facilities, 16 communities and 28 schools.

With an ADI volunteer doctor still unavailable in New Ireland due to international travel restrictions, a PHA Health Extension Officer (HEO) and Nursing Officer (NO) attended all patrols to ensure rural communities continued to receive general outpatient services. The attendance of HEOs local to each patrol area (when possible) and the NIPHA’s Deputy Director of Nursing, Zelly Mathew on all patrols has been a great benefit to the communities visited.

A total of 6752 clinical and screening services were delivered to rural communities this quarter provided by multiple disciplines (Figure below).

Figure: Summary of clinical and screening services delivered by the ADI-NIPHA integrated outreach health patrol team, July-September 2020

Health services were also provided to 23 patients with a disability. The ADI-NIPHA team continue to seek out and deliver care to vulnerable people who may be too unwell or physically unable to attend clinics, responding to four house calls this quarter.

Left: ADI Family Planning Officer donating soap and buckets for handwashing;

Right: Dental education in North Lavongai

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