Advocacy and Capacity Building

Dr Theresa Lei. first Papua New Guinean national employed as an ADI Medical Officer
Hospital Advocacy and Capacity Building
Namatanai District Hospital, New Ireland

ADI volunteer doctors have been working alongside Namatanai District Hospital in New Ireland since 2012 providing medical treatment for patients and clinical training for staff. ADI continues to work in partnership with the New Ireland Provincial Government and Namatanai District Health Services to support the ongoing upgrade of facilities and services of Namatanai Hospital.

Hospital Capacity Building In Action

Typical  conditions: one local doctor, no telecommunications and very poor facilities.


  • To hospital upgrade to level 4 hospital according to PNG’s National Service Delivery Standards.
  • Hospital has 47,000 outpatients a year  (2012 statistics)
  • The major causes of referral to Kavieng Hospital are for anaemia, followed by obstetric cases
  • Malaria, urinary problems and skin conditions are the major conditions seen in outpatients
  • In paediatrics the major common conditions are malaria, anaemia and pneumonia
  • In adults, malaria, lung disease and accidents and injuries are the most common
  • The major causes of death are malaria, anaemia and pneumonia

Facility and services

Since 2012, ADI has provided an operating theatre, blood transfusion services, X-ray facilities and hospital toilets. ADI undertook the first C-Section and the first hysterectomy at the hospital and continues to provide regular Family planning implants and Tubal ligation procedures.

In 2015 Dr Theresa Lei became the first Papua New Guinean national employed as an ADI Medical Officer providing:

  • Case-based and group education and in-service training
  • Clinical duties in the outpatients department, on daily ward rounds and though clinical consultations.

“I would like to thank Australian Doctors International (ADI) from the bottom of my heart for giving me this wonderful opportunity to contribute to the health of my people in New Ireland Province. Without this wonderful organisation, none of this would have been possible… This was more than just a deployment, it was about making things locally relevant. It was about working with the local staff and supporting them to do what needed to be done,” Dr Theresa Lei.

Other activities ADI have undertaken include:

  • The employment of an ADI Project officer as the Namatanai District Hospital Health Extension Officer;
  • Connection of running water to the operating theatre, the pathology laboratory and the outpatients department;
  • A large collaborative eye screening program with the Fred Hollows Foundation, in partnership with Kavieng Hospital’s Ophthalmology Unit, ADI and the Namatanai Rural Hospital. 143 people from Namatanai and surrounding villages had their sight restored thanks to cataract operations performed. 
  • Scoping infrastructure upgrades including; water and power supply and key medical equipment;
  • Regular provision of blood transfusions and Tubal Ligation procedures;
  • Patient screening through outreach diabetes and hypertension programs which identified and provided management for patients in the Namatanai region;
  • Project support for hormonal implant training of health workers – delivered by Rotary Australia;
  • Upgrading of the Namatanai hospital laboratory including provision of a new microscope and VDRL shaker, new shelving and paintwork;
  • Provision of weekly Continuing Medical Education Sessions on topics including: using flow charts; Ischeamic Heart Disease; Yaws; CPR; the importance of history taking for correct diagnosis; Fluid therapy; the importance of proper cleaning, disinfecting and sterilisation of surgical instruments; and Apgar scoring in Neonatal.

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