Dr Tim Baird

Dr Tim Baird of ADI Australian Doctors International.
DoctorDr Tim Baird
LocationKavieng, New Ireland

Expect the unexpected

Dr Tim Baird  retells his own personal experience.

” I didn’t realise I was in for a completely life-altering journey replete with unique medicine and unforgettable cultural experiences”

Eye opening medicine

A different clinical mindset and understanding towards best patient care across multiple areas of medicine.

Unique medical challenges

Diseases that virtually don’t exist in developed countries, including malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, filariasis and yaws. Preventing death or life-long disability. Screening hundreds for HIV, providing basic glasses for vision-impaired, and simple walking aids. The list of positive outcomes for quality of life is endless…

Tough professional practices

Our team often make the difference between someone living or dying.

  • a sick infant needing long distant transfer by boat across rough seas,
  • a pregnant mother needing to urgently deliver in a village health centre with no running water
  • a young adult presenting with their arm hacked off by a bush knife as a result of ‘sorcery’,
  • a group of children presenting with measles from a village where there was no functional immunisation program.

Experience true appreciation

Simple unrestricted appreciation – no matter what the diagnosis, treatment options, or outcome  – “whether it was an elderly man with chronic back pain, or a young mother who had walked for days with a critically ill child to see me, every interaction felt and is, special”.