Dr Vijaya Kumar

Photo • After theatre with (l-r) Dr Vijay, Sr Dusi, Dr Kevin and Dr Shanta

DoctorDr Vijaya Kumar
LocationWestern Province
DatesJuly - December 2019

Dr Vijay has worked as a GP for more than 10 years.  He has experience with tropical health issues and diseases from work in Malaysia which stood him in good stead for working in remote Western Province. While on patrol, Dr Vijay was joined by his wife Dr Shanta. Working together they were able to have an even bigger impact for the communities they were working with including medical personnel such as Dr Kevin:

“A huge thank you to Drs Shanta and Vijay for mentoring, teaching, assisting and upgrading my surgical skills not to mention delivering much needed health services to citizens of North Fly District. It’s been mind blowing for me to learn how to do different types of hernias such as inguinal hernias, epigastric hernias and umbilical hernias, not to mention saving a woman from certain death with a laparotomy that revealed she had a ruptured appendix! There was also a man who was at risk of dying from a scrotal abscess that tracked towards the abdomen and Dr Shanta and Dr Vijay arrived in the nick of time for him to have an I&D that most likely saved his life! I cannot thank Australian Doctors International (ADI) enough for bringing Drs Shanta and Vijay to this much maligned and neglected province of Papua New Guinea.”