Dr Yen Lim

Diabetic Man on Patrol with ADI
DoctorDr Li Yen Lim
LocationKavieng New Ireland Province, New Ireland
DateJuly - December 2018
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Dr Yen Lim is  originally from Malaysia. She studied medicine in the UK before relocating to Blacktown (Sydney) where she currently works as a GP.

“My work on patrol in PNG was, by and large, the same as my time as a GP in both Sydney and the UK – diabetes is an upcoming problem and muscle aches and pains from overwork a common presentation. The difference is I was seeing so many cases of malaria, TB and tropical skin infections in PNG.”

Dr Yen Lim volunteered with ADI in New Ireland, PNG. 

“On our last patrol to Simberi islands, we came across a 4 year old with a break in the thigh bone. She had fallen from a tree a couple of days previously. She wasn’t really smiling when we saw her sitting on her mum’s lap in the village grounds, nor when we transported her to the nearest health centre 10 minutes away, or when we popped a cast on her. Leg shortening from childhood fractures is a frequent cause of disability in adulthood in PNG. I have too commonly seen uneven wobbly walks in older kids unable to participate in sport due to previously untreated fractures. Because ADI was able to get her the treatment she needed, she now has many more smiles and running days to look forward to.”