ADI Integrated Health Patrols in PNG

Integrated Health Patrols are the way ADI deliver health care and training services to remote regions of PNG. Our volunteer doctors travel with teams of PNG district health staff including dental technicians, physiotherapists, maternity and child health nurses, eye nurses, family planning workers and even lab technicians. These patrols have different structures depending on the province and our agreed relationship with our healthcare partners in PNG.

ADI currently have teams active in New Ireland Province, Western Province and West New Britain.

Our patrol teams are highly mobile so can offer on the spot triage, testing, treatment and referrals for communities so remote they sometimes may not have even seen a doctor before! Our volunteer doctors place significant emphasis on training and supporting the accompanying local PNG staff. Considerable time is also spent upskilling local healthcare workers in the communities they visit to ensure health needs continue to be met long after the patrol team has left.

Communities are informed in advance of dates the ADI patrol will come. This way they can spread the word and maximise the impact of these services for families in surrounding villages in need of health care. Working as part of an ADI integrated health patrol really is health care on the frontline! 

The 3 main areas of Australian Doctors International (ADI) work are: