Strengthening West New Britain Rural Health Services – Oct-Dec 2020 patrols

January 2021 marked one year of the ADI program expansion to West New Britain Province. At the time, the impact of COVID-19 could never have been expected, yet despite these challenges, ADI’s first year in the province has been a successful one. With support from the West New Britain Provincial Government (WNBPG) and working alongside the Provincial Health Authority (WNBPHA), we have conducted regular outreach health patrols to remote and rural communities, and ongoing in-service training to support West New Britain’s provincial health workforce.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, our joint patrols have provided over 2220 clinical and screening services to rural communities, 42 hours of community education, and 33 hours of clinical training to rural health workers. 68 health workers have received in-service training to build clinical knowledge and skills, and ADI has shipped more than 31,500 pieces of PPE since the start of the outbreak.

From October to December 2020, the joint WNBPHA-ADI patrol team visited two new patrol locations in the Bali-Witu and Baia-Ulamona areas, providing over 1000 clinical services to communities and 13.5 hours of clinical training to rural health workers. For the first time, the patrol team were able to include specialists from various disciplines during the Bali-Witu patrol, including dental, optometry and physiotherapy.

Integrating public health trainings into our outreach patrols is an essential part of our work to encourage healthy practices, and inform and prevent common health issues. This year, 42 hours of community education was delivered to WNB rural communities.

This quarter we also extended our Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Care (EMONC) trainings in WNB, delivering a training in Bialla in November, following two successful trainings in Kimbe earlier in the year. More than 35 health workers in West New Britain have received Emergency Obstetrics training since 2019.

Emergency obstetrics and neonatal care training in Bialla, November 2020

 ADI would like to thank integral partners WNBPHA and WNBPG for their support during the first year within the province. All other stakeholders in private enterprise are also thanked for their support during what has been a significant year in ADI’s inception within West New Britain. ADI is looking forward to an expanded 2021 program, and is committed to improving the health outcomes and services of the wider West New Britain community.

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