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Although ADI have had to evacuate non-PNG workers for now, we are working hard to keep our #PNG local staff safe, healthy and able to continue their important health care work despite the challenging conditions. ADI have resourced staff and ADI local health partners with WHO posters and COVID-19 information, translated into Pidgin. Our promise to ADI health partners in PNG - and to the remote communities we serve - is to continue doing everything we can to help during this uncertain time and work within government guidelines to get teams back in the country as soon as it is safe to do so. #ANCP #auspngpartnership @AusPNGPartnership World Health Organization (WHO) ... See MoreSee Less

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ADI wants to send a huge thanks to the healthcare workers around the world who are working tirelessly. We acknowledge and applaud your bravery, skills and expertise. Whether you are in Kavieng, Kimbe or Kiunga, the hospitals of London or Milan, or the aid posts in the villages on the remote south coast of New Britain in PNG. We are behind you every day; every patient and every challenge you face.

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Australian volunteer doctors working with Papua New Guinean health teams to treat and train on the front line.

Australian Doctors International (ADI) is a not-for-profit charity specialising in Integrated Health Patrols and health in-services, deploying volunteer doctors and health coordinators to work in partnership with local government, private companies and faith-based health providers to deliver unique value through  the three-way combination of:

  • clinical services and public health education delivered to remote and rural populations,
  • patrol based training that exposes health care workers to practical up-skilling opportunities and
  • opportunity for those health care workers to deepen and/or refresh their clinical skills in a niche  topic area previously identified as lacking.

Now recruiting for placements in 2020 and 2021

Work with us

Amazing work and a life experience you can never obtain in Australia. Your opportunity to engage with tropical medicine is so close and easy to do.  If you are an Australian doctor read more and take the first step towards your own challenge and adventure.

Based on ADI Doctors’ Questionnaire, this is what past doctors said about the experience:

  • Volunteering for ADI leads to positive career outcomes as it “helps individual growth due to the challenge. This can only help on return to a practice situation. I think peers respect immensely those on return from a volunteer situation.”
  • Volunteering for ADI “brings so much clinical experience and confidence, experience in education of the public and health workers, greater flexibility and reliance on clinical skills and a deeper understanding of global health issues.”

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This video is a snapshot of some of the work carried out by ADI – Australian volunteer doctors working with Papua New Guinean health teams to treat and train on the front line.

Volunteer Doctors Changing the statistics

In 2018/19, across two PNG provinces ADI was on patrol for 215 days, delivered 25,000 clinical services, covered 52% of health facilities across our provinces and trained 181 healthcare workers.

91% of patrols in New Ireland Province have a family planning health care worker and we provided 1000 couple-years of protection (for family planning). 

Please see all our indicators in our 2018/19 Annual Report. Thanks for your help.

In such rugged and remote terrain, communities rely on ADI’s doctors for basic and life-saving health care and upskilling of remote healthcare workers.  

Australian Volunteer Doctors

There is not one face of the Australian volunteer who takes up the challenge to live and work off the grid for 3 – 6 months, joining PNG colleagues on Integrated rural and remote Health Patrols. 

What our doctors have in common is wanting to experience new medical horizons, and their willingness to engage in a life-changing opportunity, think outside the box and make a difference to our closest neighbour knowing they are doing so safely, close to home and fully supported.

A few hours by plane but a world away in experience. 

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